Maj 2020 - First market day 

We are proud to contribute to the opening of Kolding Green Streets, which hopefully has come to stay.

Every Saturday, Kolding Green Streets brings together local producers in the name of sustainability and flavor.

We love the concept, the other participants and the curious visitors. We will strive to participate as often as possible going forward. However, in the future we will be found in a borrowed white pavilion but in our newly invested black pavilion, still on Aksel Torv.

We think carefully about our investments. The pavilion manufacturer's certificate made the decision easy for us since our purchase contributes to forest restoration.




Maj 2020 - Before Kolding Greenstreets

In connection with the participation in the Kolding Greenstreets project, we were asked if we were fresh on getting a portrait of C&K's beekeeping for Kolding weekly. We couldn't say no to that.


  April 2020 - New pneumatic honey filling machine and new production room under construction

The strongest bees have survived the winter and the season is in action.

This year we are expanding massively, no longer with the use of smoke while checking on the bees.

In addition, we continuously try to optimize the underlying processor behind the honey production.

One of these measures is the fine tuning of the newly purchased Italian Lega  honey filling machine , which will ensure a more efficient and accurate production in the future.

It will be a real pleasure to see it in action. But can we keep up with its crazy speed of 450 kg. honey dispenced per hour?



In addition, here are the introductory steps to the new, improved production room, which we are just as eager to get ready for production.

All food board regulations for the production of over 4 tonnes of honey are taken into account already. 



 Dec 2019 - First attendance at the local Christmas fair

The Christmas cheer and joy of participating in the annual 1st Advent Christmas Fair was unforgettable and hopefully a lasting tradition.

The lively visitors, of all ages, were ready to experience both the products and the stories behind the creation.

It was also made clear to the fair that C&K's beekeeping to our great pride had been included in the history of the local area.

What an honor!


 Dec 2019 - Now part of the city's history

C&K's  is proud to be included in the history of the local area.

See the Øster Starups Local Archive here


  Nov 2019 - It buzzes in Jutland media

The apiary at Spillinggård was visited by good people from Vejle Amts folkeblad.

The result was a super nice elaborate article about our project in Vejle Amts Folkeblad, Jyske Vestkysten og Egtvedposten

in both paper form and online.


  okt 2019 - Det summer i medierne


Nordiske Media is one of Scandinavia's largest specialty media companies. They cover Nordic business with constructive, credible and independent news. Food Supply DK is part of this extensive enterprise. Here, the focus is primarily on the food industry.

On October 9, 2019, Food Supply DK, to our great delight, chose to publish a fine cover article on C&K's Beekeeping.
The interview took place in relation to, our visit to the IFC International Food Contest in Herning.

See Henrik Kongsgaard's article here

Foto by Henrik Kongsgaard


   Oct 2019 - Success at International Food Contest

International Food Contest at FoodTech in Herning Messecenter, is the meeting place for the entire food industry. The competition's main fokus is professional pride, inspiration and networking. This is where the best Danish products are selected and as we always strive to become proficient at C&K's beekeeping we chose this year, for the first time to compete with the total of 29 honey participants.

Our contribution consisted of two types of honey.

To our great enthusiasm and pride it resulted in our summer honey being awarded with a bronze medal, while our heather honey was awarded with a silver medal.


Official rules for the honey assessment for the International Food Contest 2019


  July 2019 - Expansion with a 20 foot temperature controlled warehouse to store the finished products.


  Nov 2018 - CVR registration and the upcoming webshop build initiated.


  Nov 2017 - Expansion with 120 m2 storage hall, which in bakable spirit is filled with recycled material for beekeeping.


  Sep 2017 - Extension with Landcruiser HDJ80, which aims to ensure access to hives in all terrain.